The National Videogame Foundation is the first of its kind.

A new, not-for-profit organisation that develops the role of videogames in culture, education and society.

 Ian Livingstone CBE

Ian Livingstone CBE

I am tremendously excited to be involved in the creation of the National Videogame Foundation.

Having watched videogames grow and flourish as an industry - and as an artform - this is a vital moment for videogames' cultural confidence.

What excites me most about the National Videogame Foundation is its commitment to taking its work out into the real world. 

Through its education programmes, gallery interpretation and cultural policy development, Iain Simons and his team will continue to work tirelessly to engage everyone in the value of this most vital of contemporary art forms.

We've got an amazing set of founder-patrons on board already and I urge all my colleagues in the games industry, and frankly anyone who cares about the past, present and future of videogames, to support this landmark initiative."

Ian Livingstone CBE

Co-founder Games Workshop and Chairman Sumo Digital