The Oliver Twins are legends of the UK videogame industry. Beginning in the 1980’s they amassed five million sales, 26 number one bestsellers, 34 original games and at one point representing 15% of ALL UK game sales. That was all before they formed Blitz Games Studios, where the team created 71 different titles with an estimated 43 million sales and a retail value of well over £1 billion. 

We’re proud to announce that the Oliver Twins today offered their patronage of the National Videogame Foundation, the UK’s new cultural institution for videogames. 

 “We’re delighted to support the great work of the National Videogame Foundation in celebrating the cultural, artistic and entertainment value of video games. The National Videogame Arcade is a fantastic venue, shows brilliant collections, and the passionate, knowledgeable and friendly staff make for a fantastic experience for all visitors.  Since we have dedicated our careers, right from the birth of computer games in the early 80’s, to the development of mass market video games, we hope and look forward to working with the NVA more in the future. “  - Philip & Andrew Oliver

The Oliver Twins, who recently launched their career retrospective book “Let’s go Dizzy: The Story of The Oliver Twins” at the National Videogame Arcade, decided to get more involved after learning more about the work that the Foundation does. 

“The National Videogame Foundation is providing a much needed cultural centre-of-gravity for videogames in the UK. We have two fantastic trade bodies, but the NVF brings something new and distinct to the public life of videogames that really deserves the industry’s support. We’re an art form, after all!” said Philip. 
 “It’s fantastic to be welcoming Philip and Andrew on board in this, the 30th Anniversary of Dizzy!” said National Videogame Foundation CEO, Iain Simons. “We hope to be working closely with them to help them inspire new generations of game makers though their work, just as they have been doing for the last 30 years!”

Watch out for more action from the Twins' at the NVA soon! 
The Oliver Twins are currently working with Richard Smithies, their long-term friend and business partner on SkySaga, the debut release from their new company, Radiant Worlds. 


(main photo credit : Samathy Barratt)