HTC Vive have joined the ever-growing list of patrons of the National Videogame Foundation! 


HTC Vive have added their support to the ever growing list of patrons of the new National Videogame Foundation, becoming the first international hardware partner to the organisation.


The VIVE was first seen in Nottingham at the GameCity festival, where award-winning developers Triangular Pixels delivered the World premiere of 'Unseen Diplomacy', their wildly popular spy-thriller. Proving to be a huge hit with audiences, the establishment of the National Videogame Arcade in 2015 saw VR become the number one experience being demanded by the public.

This new partnership between the National Videogame Foundation and HTC VIVE lays the foundation for a wealth of new VR experiences for delivery over the coming months.

Graham Breen, program manager at VIVE said ,"HTC VIVE are proud to become a patron of the National Videogame Foundation, working with Iain and the team at the National Videogame Arcade to bring the experience of Virtual Reality to as many new audiences as possible. Vive is an experience that you have to have, rather than be described to you and a cultural centre like the NVA is vital is making that accessible to all. Vive is changing VR, VR is changing the World and the National Videogame Foundation is changing the World of Videogames, bringing them deeper into culture with every new player."

"Since the first VIVE pre-release experience landed at the NVA earlier this year it's proved to be one of our most popular features", said Foundation CEO Iain Simons. He continued, "Being able to scale up both the capacity and the range of experiences we can give to the public is vital to a cultural institution like the NVA. We're hugely excited to be able to welcome VIVE as patrons and are looking forward to working with them to bringing VR to new audiences."