Continue Conference 2017

Continue Conference 2017

The 2017 Continue Conference, 23-24 May, now has limited places available for booking. 

Introversion Software join the NVF Patrons

Introversion Software join the NVF Patrons

"We're especially pleased to be able to share a six-foot tall Darwinian with visitors to the National Videogame Arcade. We are confident that more people will be posing for a selfie with than ever have with their Sonic model."

SEGA Europe join ranks of National Videogame Foundation Patrons!

SEGA Europe join ranks of National Videogame Foundation Patrons!

“The National Videogame Arcade is a unique destination, we’re delighted to be playing a part in supporting its work and would urge colleagues to do the same. We can’t wait to start working with the NVA to create some brilliant new projects and find some exciting new audiences"

The Oliver Twins announced as latest patrons of the National Videogame Foundation

The Oliver Twins announced as latest patrons of the National Videogame Foundation

The Oliver Twins are legends of the UK videogame industry. Beginning in the 1980’s they amassed five million sales, 26 number one bestsellers, 34 original games and at one point representing 15% of ALL UK game sales. That was all before they formed Blitz Games Studios, where the team created 71 different titles with an estimated 43 million sales and a retail value of well over £1 billion. 

We’re proud to announce that the Oliver Twins today offered their patronage of the National Videogame Foundation, the UK’s new cultural institution for videogames. 

 “We’re delighted to support the great work of the National Videogame Foundation in celebrating the cultural, artistic and entertainment value of video games. The National Videogame Arcade is a fantastic venue, shows brilliant collections, and the passionate, knowledgeable and friendly staff make for a fantastic experience for all visitors.  Since we have dedicated our careers, right from the birth of computer games in the early 80’s, to the development of mass market video games, we hope and look forward to working with the NVA more in the future. “  - Philip & Andrew Oliver

The Oliver Twins, who recently launched their career retrospective book “Let’s go Dizzy: The Story of The Oliver Twins” at the National Videogame Arcade, decided to get more involved after learning more about the work that the Foundation does. 

“The National Videogame Foundation is providing a much needed cultural centre-of-gravity for videogames in the UK. We have two fantastic trade bodies, but the NVF brings something new and distinct to the public life of videogames that really deserves the industry’s support. We’re an art form, after all!” said Philip. 
 “It’s fantastic to be welcoming Philip and Andrew on board in this, the 30th Anniversary of Dizzy!” said National Videogame Foundation CEO, Iain Simons. “We hope to be working closely with them to help them inspire new generations of game makers though their work, just as they have been doing for the last 30 years!”

Watch out for more action from the Twins' at the NVA soon! 
The Oliver Twins are currently working with Richard Smithies, their long-term friend and business partner on SkySaga, the debut release from their new company, Radiant Worlds. 


(main photo credit : Samathy Barratt)

Continue Continues

Continue Continues

Back in May 2016 we launched the first Continue conference. This is what we're doing next!

HTC Vive Join the National Videogame Foundation

HTC Vive have joined the ever-growing list of patrons of the National Videogame Foundation! 


HTC Vive have added their support to the ever growing list of patrons of the new National Videogame Foundation, becoming the first international hardware partner to the organisation.


The VIVE was first seen in Nottingham at the GameCity festival, where award-winning developers Triangular Pixels delivered the World premiere of 'Unseen Diplomacy', their wildly popular spy-thriller. Proving to be a huge hit with audiences, the establishment of the National Videogame Arcade in 2015 saw VR become the number one experience being demanded by the public.

This new partnership between the National Videogame Foundation and HTC VIVE lays the foundation for a wealth of new VR experiences for delivery over the coming months.

Graham Breen, program manager at VIVE said ,"HTC VIVE are proud to become a patron of the National Videogame Foundation, working with Iain and the team at the National Videogame Arcade to bring the experience of Virtual Reality to as many new audiences as possible. Vive is an experience that you have to have, rather than be described to you and a cultural centre like the NVA is vital is making that accessible to all. Vive is changing VR, VR is changing the World and the National Videogame Foundation is changing the World of Videogames, bringing them deeper into culture with every new player."

"Since the first VIVE pre-release experience landed at the NVA earlier this year it's proved to be one of our most popular features", said Foundation CEO Iain Simons. He continued, "Being able to scale up both the capacity and the range of experiences we can give to the public is vital to a cultural institution like the NVA. We're hugely excited to be able to welcome VIVE as patrons and are looking forward to working with them to bringing VR to new audiences."

Supermassive Games join Patrons

Supermassive Games join Patrons

The National Videogame Foundation welcomes
Supermassive Games as a NEW patron.


Supermassive Games

Supermassive Games

We're really exciting to be able to welcome the brilliant Supermassive Games to our growing list of patrons at the National Videogame Foundation. Since we launched this Summer the response to our work has been fantastic, with developers and individuals from around the World pledging their support. 
Supermassive are at the forefront of new kinds of both cinematic and VR gaming experiences and we're looking forward to collaborating with them on exploring new ways to engage the public in their work. 

Here's the full release...


The National Videogame Foundation, the newly formed not-for-profit dedicated to advancing the role of videogames in culture, education and society, is delighted to welcome Supermassive Games to its growing group of patrons.


Pete Samuels, MD at Supermassive Games said: “We are absolutely delighted to become a patron of the National Videogames Foundation.  Their focus on the cultural, educational and historical importance of videogames is something that has real value and we look forward to working with them on initiatives in the future. ”


As well as getting behind the agenda of the Foundation, the team at Supermassive are exploring ways to work with the National Videogame Arcade. This unique cultural centre offers a year-round platform for developers to reach the public in new ways.


Iain Simons, Director of the Foundation said: “Being able to collaborate directly with the development community on interpreting and bringing their work to new audiences is a key activity. Supermassive’s enthusiasm for collaboration in bringing new understanding of games to new audiences is exactly the kind of partnership we’d hoped for.”


The group of Patrons of the National Videogame Foundation is rapidly expanding, as acknowledgement of the importance of videogames in culture grows.


Simons continues, “The response from the development community to the launch of the National Videogame Foundation has been overwhelming. The Foundation can’t exist without the support of its patrons and the enthusiasm of their support has clearly shown us that there’s work here to be done.”

More about Supermassive Games

Supermassive Games is a BAFTA-winning independent game developer with a reputation for innovation in both storytelling and VR. The studio has released a number of successful titles and is best known for the critically acclaimed PS4 hit Until Dawn.  Most recently the studio developed two exclusive PlayStation VR launch titles - Until Dawn: Rush of Blood and Tumble VR.


Founded in 2008, the studio is now home to over 100 talented individuals working across a range of storytelling and VR titles.  Supermassive Games remains fully independent and has broad ambitions to grow audiences across a range of platforms.


The studio has received numerous awards, including a BAFTA for Until Dawn, and was included on the prestigious Deloitte UK Technology Fast 50 and Deloitte EMEA Technology Fast 500 lists in 2013. In the 2012 the studio was listed by TechTrack as one of the 40 fastest growing technology companies in the UK.


Building upon their reputation as cinematic storytellers and leading VR experts, Supermassive Games have exciting plans for the future in both narrative and VR gaming.



The National Videogame Foundation Launches

We put out a press release on Wednesday September 14th. 
This is what it said...




The National Videogame Foundation launches in Nottingham, UK.

Videogames for everyone. Forever.


A pioneering new not-for-profit organisation has today been launched in Nottingham, UK.


The National Videogame Foundation exists to celebrate, preserve and interpret videogames for everyone. Through its pioneering work in curation, exhibition and public engagement, it rediscovers the past and creates a valuable legacy for the future.  The Foundation aims to inspire new people to make videogames, start new conversations about them, and find new ways in which they can contribute to culture, society and education.


Based at the acclaimed National Videogame Arcade in Nottingham's Creative Quarter, the Foundation will work across four key areas : events, heritage, education and policy-making.


As well as delivering the annual GameCity festival and operating the National Videogame Arcade, the new Foundation will also be concentrating on education and public advocacy work.


Later this year, in collaboration with the Times Educational Supplement, the Foundation is staging the first in a series of 'subject summits', bringing together educators with experts to explore ways in which videogames can be used to enhance  learning. These unique events will result in the creation of new teaching and learning resources to apply videogames to other curriculum areas in addition to the more expected STEM subjects


In collaboration with Arts Council England, the foundation will be delivering further on the 'Continue' conference and network, launched earlier this year. This project brings together national arts and culture organisations with videogame creators, closing the gap of understanding between them.



"We're tremendously excited to be able to finally announce the National Videogame Foundation to the World. It's something we’re very passionate about, but we couldn't have imagined being able to launch it with a stronger set of partners and activities," said Director, Iain Simons.


Iain continued, "We've got some of the most experienced names in the industry working with us right alongside some of the most exciting new ones. We're going to ensure that the work we produce is truly reflective of the growing diversity of videogames, in terms of players, makers and content."


Carl Cavers, CEO of Sumo Digital is a key investor in the new Foundation. He said, "One of the main reasons Sumo were attracted to Nottingham was the NVA and GameCity. It's great to be able to play a part not just in securing its position as a unique destination in the City, but also to be helping to build its future plans and make it useful for the cultural future of games. It's a great moment for the industry."


The foundation launches with a stellar set of founding patrons already attached, helping the foundation to realise its ambitions. Sumo Digital, Epic Games, Playground Games, Kevin Patterson, Boneloaf, William Pugh, Chucklefish and Vlambeer have all invested at this founding stage.


Rami Ismail of famed developer Vlambeer said, "Having been a regular attendee of the GameCity festival over the years, it was an easy decision to invest and become a patron of the new foundation. The festival is a phenomenally inclusive event, and brings creators from around the world together to showcase and experience pioneering cultural work. Vlambeer is excited to be part of the future of the event."


Ian Livingstone CBE, games industry legend, Foundation investor and member of the non-executive board said, "I am tremendously excited to be involved in the creation of the National Videogame Foundation.Having watched videogames grow and flourish as an industry - and as an artform - this is a vital moment for videogames' cultural confidence.

Nottingham has already shown itself to be the cultural capital of videogames with the GameCity festival and our very own 'National Gallery' in the form of the National Videogame Arcade. Given these achievements, it is only fitting that this new, not-for-profit organisation should grow out of the same soil and continue to spread this pioneering message to as many people as possible.

What excites me most about the National Videogame Foundation is its commitment to taking its work out into the real world.  

Through its education programmes, gallery interpretation and cultural policy development, Iain Simons and his team will continue to work tirelessly to engage everyone in the value of this most vital of contemporary art forms.

We've got an amazing set of founder-patrons on board already and I urge all my colleagues in the games industry, and frankly anyone who cares about the past, present and future of videogames, to support this landmark initiative."


You can find out more details about becoming a patron of the National Videogame Foundation along with many other opportunities to support or get involved, at